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The 3 I’s of Purpose and how to actually get better at it!

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In the previous article, the importance of purpose for your life journey and personal life was made clear, but for you to fulfil your purpose without distraction or demotivation, there are some stumbling blocks in life that you must overcome to sail smoothly and be satisfied at life.

In this article, we will discuss the three crucial things that everyone struggles with, and if well deliberated upon, become essential ingredients for great success in one’s ultimate purpose.

These three things are Identity, Importance and Impact (3 I’s).

Personal Identity: (the definition of who you are to yourself

Identity is the foundation of all rights and obligations and accountableness. It embodies your belief, qualities, and self-image. John Locke’s theory, a renowned psychologist theorised that “the little and almost insensible impressions on our tender infancies have very important and lasting consequences.” He also maintained that the “associations of ideas” one makes when young are important than those made later because they are the foundation of the self.

This is not to mean that if you have made awful life decisions, been influenced by evil associations, or have been exposed to a negative environment, you cannot make any good out of life, because the core of this theory upholds that personal identity is psychological continuity.

Over time you develop patterns that shape your self-image into the individual you want to become.

Importance: (the relevance of who you are to others)

Your fundamental task on earth is geared towards promoting your purpose and attaining social acceptance: so that your daily functions and activities will reflect your passion, talent, and will give you a chance to contribute to others around you. This should embody your quality of self-respect, esteem and sense of belonging, which is a social status need that is met when your purpose fits the community, – as your ticket to interdependence and continued living is by becoming more involved in communities and making a difference, – from which you benefit as you make supportive connections with people.

Impact: (the influence of who you are to others). 

You can be influenced and others can influence you too! And when you look around, you realise there are three kinds of people – those who dislike their work and whine all the time, those who just endure their work and see it as a payment for their services without aiming higher (or feel they cannot achieve more), and the third kind are those who love their work, relish it, and achieve more than just the work itself!

This is how to actually fulfil your purpose. Living like the third kind of people who have the likelihood to fulfil your purpose and impact lives around them!  It is actually about the lives you are able to touch for good!

Therefore, your sense of meaning (Identity), community fit (Importance) and thriving influence (Impact) will give you the inexhaustible drive and guideposts to follow along the path defined by you.  It will inform you of what you wish to attend to in life, and what you need to walk away from because it doesn’t support your purpose.


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