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Know Why Each Person Is In Your Life

“The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us, but those who win battles we know nothing about.”

– Unknown


There are people that you meet in life, and you wonder to yourself, “why did our paths ever cross? Why did I ever meet them at all?” These are usually people who have no value to add to you, but their presence in your life subtracts a lot of good things from you. There are people who would have turned out well if not for one person who showed up in their lives and ruined their destiny.


But there are also people you meet, and you ask them, “where have you been all my life? How come I didn’t meet you soon enough?” This is because of their presence in your life accelerated your success and accomplishments. They may not be loud or obvious, but they are the ones God has chosen to be behind the scenes, making things work for your good. These are the people we are talking about here.


As you aspire, God increases you, and you increase, God will departmentalize your life. He will bring competent people to head the various departments of your aspirations. These are people God will send your way to make success very easy and smooth for you. Once you notice they are God-sent, please keep them inspired so they don’t expire. Your life is a beautiful package in God’s hands that the various people God is bringing your way just be fruitful s as to make that intended beautiful package wonderful.


Everyone God sends your way is there on assignment. You must be aware of why each person is in your life so you don’t muddle up the assignments and get things wrong. Since they are God-sent, they will love you, they will we’ve you, they will go to any extent for you, but please don’t take them for granted. They are called into your life to help you ASPIRE.

2 thoughts on “Know Why Each Person Is In Your Life”

  1. I love this podcast.
    It keeps you going while you’re on the move.
    And its very spiritually rich
    New updates daily
    Cannot thank God enough for this
    So much in one podcast.

  2. Uduak kenneth

    May God send this set of people into my life because I am really struggling. God bless you mum for sharing this.

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